Welcome to the Renewable Energy Knowhere, the pilot project of the New HoRRIson 2020 „Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” Social Lab, financed by the EU Fund 741402. Our goal is to reach all the participants of the RE industry and get broader interest in the public audience with proper informations and data. Help us to map all the local initiatives, the active NGOs, all the science centers and entrepreneurs of your region to see and inform everybody else about your achievements and activity! Feel free to upload your data and get in touch with enthusiastic partners all over Europe. Currently we have data from 14 European countries and hopefully with your contribution there will be even more!

The site is constantly developing so if you find any difficulties, please contact us.

Wish you great experience by browsing this colorful and hopefully useful map.

Zorica, Anu and Agnes

More informations: New HoRRIzon Social Lab 9


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